Friends & Guests                                                                             4/22/24

Unfortunately costs have continued to rise and unfortunately we need to increase prices again.  In an attempt to minimize the increases, on May 1st we will be on a cash discount program.  Prices will be 4% higher on all items and the cash discount will be 4%.  So basically prices will remain the same so long as you pay cash.
Costs have risen considerably more than 4%, but we are hoping this helps until prices level off over the summer and additional increases aren’t necessary

In the meantime, you can help in two ways:
Start paying cash when you can We still believe we have the best regular menu prices in the area but if you got receipts that show otherwise, please bring them in.  This will help us evaluate where we stand and keep any future increases to a minimum.

Thanks to all for being great customers & friends


Wings N Things

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Our Menu

1) Family Specials are back!!
2) Kids meal now includes a choice of boneless or strips
3) Need drinks?

ANY 4 Pepsi products can be added to any other purchase (fountain or bottle)

Items that were available but not on the menu now can be seen:
Okra, Pound of Fries, 36 Shrimp, 16 strips & pound of fries
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Catering Menu

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